2014 1st Year Elections | Senate

What you need to know about 1st Year Senate Elections

Application for 1st Year Elections are due on September 12th (12pm)

Once you have completed the application, please make sure to show up for the information sessions.


Campaign Information Sessions: September 15th ( 8am, 12pm, 4pm)

Once you have completed the information session, you will be eligible for campaigning.

Polls will be open from September 17th (12am) to September 18th (12pm)

Application Process

Submit your application here.


Other Open Seats

  • 2x 4th Year
  • 2x Education
  • 2x Nursing
  • 2x Undeclared
  • 1x Pure & Applied Sciences
  • 1x Non-traditional Graduate Students

If you are interested in getting appointed to any other open seats, Please Contact the senate speaker. Contact Andrew



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